My name is Luca Jo Groppoli. I was a transgender male for 34 years, when I was a little girl, I was traumatized from abuse, which ended up causing me to have disassociate disorder. I was lost and confused. Several years later, I was taken to the Program in Human Sexuality, after several psychological tests, they concluded I have a “gender dysphoria” I assumed they had my best interest at heart, it turns out I was wrong. How I wished someone would have just helped heal my brokenness and pain.

Several years later, I was challenged to go to church by the woman I was in a relationship with, I accepted, and the day I went, the Lord did a deep work in me, He healed my self hatred, you see, I was able to forgive my abusers, but never myself. From that point on, I began to follow the Lord, the healing continued, and still is, as we all go from dark to light. I walked out of my life in 2009, and have no desire to go back. Beloved, God has more a vested interest in seeing us, whole, healed and set free from the pain we all experienced in life.

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Are We Dead Yet?

This was so good today, from Hebrew For Christians. NO ONE WANTS TO SAY THEY ARE NEEDY, broken, weak, and so on, and indeed such a confession is abhorrent to the heart of the proud. The truth, however, is that we are indeed all these things, and Yeshua told us we were...

No space for the Adversary

Today I am reminded of the words of Politician Paul Wellstone, yes, he was a Democrat,  and... wisdom comes from many places. He said: Do not let your  words be different than the way you live. Very wise, I believe Jesus addressed this issue as well, its called...

Loving God, and Loving His People

Do you ever wonder?

Repentance is a POWERFUL WEAPON, it’s not just lip service, it takes action, they removed the foreign gods….And, worshipped Him. God was moved, from their position of DESPERATION!! MY LORD

Female to male shares her story

   This is a testimony of Kelly, she was born female and transitioned to male.she will tell you the things the Dr.s don't tell you when seeking a sex change. Why?   $$$ of course. We have to be brave so we can help our children, for the children, be brave and...

It’s Time To Rise Up!!

This was an article I had published in the Fellowship of Ministries and Churches magazine. It is affiliated to Christ For the Nation's Bible College, where I graduated. We are in a time like no other. We see the things of this world that we once valued with less...