My name is Luca Jo Groppoli. I am a graduate of Christ For the Nations Bible College, where I was also ordained.

I am Associate Director with Agape First Ministries.

Outreach Director with Child Protection League.

It is my mission to go, make disciples of the nations, to tell the world, that Jesus can, and does in fact transform people, even people like me, who lived as a transgender male for over 3 decades.

Let’s make Jesus famous together, by connecting the lost to the heart of the Father.

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Episode 3 – Making Jesus Famous

Episode 3 – Making Jesus Famous

Agape First Podcast host Daren Mehl is joined by Nate Oyle and Luca Groppoli. All formerly identifying as gay, Jesus set them free and they are now full of joy and life abundantly. They talk about how awesome Jesus is as they make His name famous. #JesusTransforms #AgapeFirst #FreedomUnited #AgapeFirstMinistries #MakeJesusFamous

Corner Fringe Ministries & Agape First Ministries Episode 1

Corner Fringe Ministries & Agape First Ministries Episode 1

Join Pastors Mike Sutcliffe and Kraig Dorney (Corner Fringe Ministries) and Pastors Nate Oyloe and Lucca Jo Groppoli ( for a 3-week roundtable discussion regarding how our culture’s modern concept of sexuality is at war with the image of God.
Tonight’s Topic is the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Humanity

We’ll explore where our influence comes from (families, social media, entertainment, government, etc.).

No space for the Adversary

No space for the Adversary

Today I am reminded of the words of Politician Paul Wellstone, yes, he was a Democrat,  and... wisdom comes from many places. He said: Do not let your  words be different than the way you live. Very wise, I believe Jesus addressed this issue as well, its called...

Loving God, and Loving His People

Do you ever wonder?

Repentance is a POWERFUL WEAPON, it’s not just lip service, it takes action, they removed the foreign gods….And, worshipped Him. God was moved, from their position of DESPERATION!! MY LORD

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