I must confess, I am not great at blogging, it’s difficult for me to write blogs, one because I stink at typing, and I really don’t know what to talk about, although my brain thinks a great deal, about some really deep things.

I am not good with grammar and punctuation, and I really stink at spelling, I’m grateful this thing has auto correct.

I have a wide variety of interests in life, mostly…Jesus, He is the love of my life.

So the heck with how I’m “suppose to be” and “suppose to blog” I’m just gonna do my thing and if you like it you like, if ya don’t that’s ok too.

Today I was watching a video on Facebook, this girl was autistic and had some really interesting things to say about herself, mainly i liked the fact that she was just herself, she was dressed much like a male cowboy might dress, and right away I made a judgment. I will see if I can post the video here, if I can figure it out lol.

The things is, I began to wonder how Jesus saw people? Like, did He see through all the messy flesh of how we act and behave and just see the heart and or the soul of who we are underneath all the pain and hut we experienced in life?

If so, I want that, how can I do that? So often, I see the Jesus in me, and I like so many things about how God made me, its really exciting to be me (most of the time) although being 59 and living alone, sometimes makes me think I’m losing my marbles…LOL.

The Bible, when I read it, makes me reflect my own self, it forces me to look inward and it allows me the opportunity to see where I fall short and ask the Lord to help me, not the book of Psalms though, that makes me wanna call down the fire of God. And sometimes I do:) I think sometimes we have to, I don’t believe we should just allow evil to prevail on earth without calling those things that are not as though they are. Anyway..

Peoples hearts, what gets in the way? Why is it so hard for me to A. See beyond the things that that hide our true self, under our hurts? And B. Why is it so difficult to allow others to see the “real authentic self” under all my hurts and messiness?

Jesus lived His life in a fishbowl, He was always Himself, and it didn’t seem to bother Him what people thought of Him. Why? Because He was confident in knowing who He was in the Father? What was it?

How did He see the heart of people, it fascinates me so, I long for that.

Abba, help me to see peoples hearts the way you do, help me to not judge people based on their looks, or if they are gay, straight, anything, just to see the very center of who it is that You made them to be, and then Father, help me to show others the same.

I would love to hear your thoughts, you can write back. I really wish you would, I like conversing, maybe we could get a up of tea…

God bless you.

Lets see if I can post that video.