Fostering a Biblical Identity – A Parents Guide

This guide offers parents a biblical perspective of where we are in culture today, the challenges before us, and the hope we have in God’s truth to be restored to His truth for family and our identity. Restoration of the family is God’s desire for us.

Immanuel Lifestyle Overview

Immanuel Prayer offers a process that is very useful to help people connect to the Lord in a prayer ministry session. It is a process of connection personally and interactively with the Lord, and removing barriers and hindrances to an intimate, interactive lifestyle of connection with Him. The goal is to build and deepen a securely attached relationship with the Lord, one that increases our capacity to stay connected to Him even in difficult life situations or painful experiences.

How the Church Has Hurt the LGBTQ+ Community

How has the Church hurt LGBTQ+ individuals? In so many ways, but in short, we have made it so difficult for them to come to the feet of Jesus. We need to ask God to help us show them love, and be armed with the truth, seasoned with grace, in order that we may share with them the message Jesus has, Today is the day of repentance!

Discipleship Matters

Discipleship matters to the Christian faith. To be transformed into the image of Jesus requires discipleship in the faith. God will transform those who remain a disciple of Jesus.