Daren is serving in the role of Associate Director at Agape First Ministries.

Daren joined Agape First Ministries to further the mission to make Jesus famous, to bring the healing power of God to others through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Rhoda is a trained prayer counselor and intercessor and serves on the prayer team.

Daren and Rhoda married December 11, 2005 and now have two children. Together Daren and Rhoda serve in ministry equipping, teaching, and ministering the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Daren and Rhoda, lead by the Holy Spirit, both came out of the LGBTQ community and married in 2005. Their journey of healing and discipleship in Jesus Christ included 14 years of increasing intimacy with Jesus while serving in their home church. 


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Conversations That Matter Podcast: Responding to Christian Homosexuality Part 1

Conversations That Matter Podcast: Responding to Christian Homosexuality Part 1

There’s a lot of talk in Christian circles today about whether or not same-sex attraction is sinful. Daren Mehl answers some questions about whether homosexuality is an orientation, if Christians are delivered from it, and what Churches should do in responding to the LGBTQI+ agenda.






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