Gracie has been a student of God’s Word since she was very young. Through Christian schooling, her family, and attending the Awana program ( age 3 all the way through High school), Gracie was fueled with a desire to tell the world about Jesus.

In 2003, Gracie was falsely accused of being a homosexual by the church she grew up in. After friends and even family closed doors on her she entered into the LGBTQ+ community saying, “If they all think I’m gay then I may as well be gay.” After almost 17 years of living in the LGBTQ+ community Gracie found total freedom and transformation through the love of Jesus and support found in a few old friends that love Jesus, a renewed relationship with her family, and a new church family.

In 2020, Gracie moved west of Minneapolis to lay down roots and to help equip the Body of Christ to love those who deal with sexual brokenness. In 2021, she came on staff with Agape First Ministries in Minneapolis to join the efforts in making the name of Jesus famous, to help others discover the transformation and healing found in connection with Jesus, and to help unite the Church around freedom in Christ.

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How the Church Has Hurt the LGBTQ+ Community

How the Church Has Hurt the LGBTQ+ Community

How has the Church hurt LGBTQ+ individuals? In so many ways, but in short, we have made it so difficult for them to come to the feet of Jesus. We need to ask God to help us show them love, and be armed with the truth, seasoned with grace, in order that we may share with them the message Jesus has, Today is the day of repentance!

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