What’s goin on everyone? My name is Gracie Poole and my entire life I have wanted to know Jesus, love Jesus and live to tell everyone about Jesus.  Just a little about me and how I got to being on staff at Agape First Ministries.

There are just no words to describe how Jesus transformed my life with His love. Once I got on my detour away from Jesus, I never actually felt loved. I felt tolerated. When someone was done tolerating me they left. I was too much of a burden. I had caused too much damage. I had gone too far. They didn’t love me anymore. They needed to cut me off. I was never enough. I was never worth it. Their life was better without me in it. But none of that is love.
      I  talk a lot about a moment when my friend hugged me and it changed my life. I share that moment a lot because that is the point in time I heard God’s heartbeat- He just used my friend.  It was the loudest way to tell me He loved me and He didn’t have to say a word. That moment thrust me off my detour and onto a journey of healing and preparation for what was coming next. Somewhere on that journey the scales fell from my eyes and my heart was softened. All of my bitterness and pain was replaced with joy and peace.
    It was the incredible love of my Jesus that totally transformed my life. The more and more that I spent time sitting in His presence listening to Him the less like Grace I became. I’m not 100% sure when it happened but somewhere I became a totally different person and that’s why I go by Gracie. If I’m going to live the life that God has called me to and not the life everyone told me to live, then I’m going to go by a new name.
      His love changed me and I will never be the same. There isn’t a part of me that wasn’t transformed and made new. God doesn’t do anything half way. I look different. I see things different. I hear things different. The music I listen to is different. My talk is different. My desires are different. What I watch is different. Even my struggles . . . they are different. The old really has gone and somewhere along the way while I was sitting in His presence,  His love completely transformed me, created in me a clean heart, and the new has come!
I can say without a doubt that Jesus transforms because His love transformed my life and I will never be the same.
My name is Gracie Poole, and I was the 100th Sheep but Jesus left the 99 to rescue me. Now I live my life to make the name of Jesus famous by proclaiming Jesus transforms, because His love changed me.