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After Egypt: the journey to transformation.

I was told that the hardest part of my journey was the first few steps out the door. Man how I wish that were true! The journey to transformation has been a two steps forward, five steps back, daily process. It has been a lot of death in order to bring about new life. This Friday, June 14th, I will be talking about this new book and the journey the Lord has taken me on to find the abundant life through transformation. I hope that you will join us at 3pm on It’s Time For Agape podcast to learn about how to get this book. It can be used as a personal study, a group study, and for whatever sin issue.

This is not a gay to straight journey. This is written for people who genuinely want to live for Jesus but have struggled getting up and out of the pit. Getting up and out is hard enough, but what do we do once we get there?! and more importantly, how do we keep going? I was so scared to get going on this journey because so many times I had tried and I had fallen back into the pit. I longed only to be faithful and to truly find freedom in that abundant life with my Jesus. I know that I am not the only one that has struggled getting up out of the sticky pit of lifestyle sin, and so I decided to share with others how the Lord helped me on this journey. I hope that it will be helpful to you!

I have included the link for you to purchase your book here. My friend Zya Tadych did the front cover photograph and did such a beautiful job capturing in one shot what this journey has been.

I hope that you will join us THIS Friday, June 14th at 3 pm to hear all about it!

After Egypt: The Journey to Transformation: by Zya Tadych, Paperback | Barnes & NobleĀ® (