Greetings everyone,

Please forgive me for the length of time since my last blog.. though I know it’s a blog, I’d rather say “my last letter” I do enjoy writing letters, more so than a “blog” it sounds so, I don’t know, not personal, disconnected, an act of doing, while a letter is more heart to heart.

It takes me a while to get rolling, so I like to chat a while first, since it is my belief that writing you a letter, is more personal, I like to chat, so you can have some insight into me, Luca, the person, not just a blogger.

Didn’t you love it, when you were younger( I’m 58, so I have a lot to look back on) and you received a letter in the mail? Not a bill, or post card, but a real handwritten letter? Me too, I felt special! Well, if I understood technology more, I could hand write a letter and share it here, but I’m not that savvy! (Why the need for two Vs?) See, there I am all over again!

This morning in my reading, as I finished my OLDER Testament, and moved to the NEWER, I was in Matthew 5, the lovely BEATITUDES! Oh my, talk about the “How to rule and reign and have dominion on the earth.” Genesis 1 and Psalm 8

I could write an entire sermon for hours on each beatitude, however, for this purpose and point, today we shall focus on Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

As I listen to parents, and families, loved ones of the LGBTQAI, goodness that’s a lot of letters LOL. I imagine myself being in their position, I’ve never been married, nor did I ever give birth, so I can only try, best I can, to place myself in these people who are so hurt, and try asking Holy Spirit “How can I comfort people?” HELP ME!!!

The hours these folks must spend, on their faces, crying out for their loved ones, to belong to Jesus and or be restored. Ya see, the thing is, with this specific issue, is, there really is no difference than any other flesh issue. Adam and Eve blew it in THE GARDEN, the issue there was the pride of life, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh. Oh Eve, why didn’t you just say “I don’t talk to strange snakes while my husband isn’t home” LOL Honestly!

Then we see in Matthew 4, After our Lord was baptized, He went in the wilderness to be tempted, I always ponder, to be tempted, as in ON PURPOSE?? this woman says yes, intentionally!!! God cannot let us feel only good. However, and for 40 days (hmmm I wonder how that coincides with the counting of Omer, or the leading up to Shavout, the day of Pentecost?” Just another rabbit trail I can go down.

Jesus was tempted with the same things as in the Garden, the pride of life, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, but this time, Jesus defeated Satan with what? THE WORD OF GOD!! “NO Satan, it is written.”

“Blessed are those who MOURN for they SHALL be comforted” (Emphasis mine) What is up with this mourning business? I thought we are only meant to feel good? No, NOT!!! God doesn’t care about our comfort level, perhaps He does care about our willingness to join Him in His suffering of weeping and mourning. Taken from Enduring Word commentary, David Guzik . “Blessed are those who mourn: The ancient Greek grammar indicates an intense degree of mourning. Jesus does not speak of casual sorrow for the consequences of our sin, but a deep grief before God over our fallen state.”

As my pastor says “O my then” The book goes on to say “The Greek word for to mourn, used here, is the strongest word for mourning in the Greek language. It is the word which is used for mourning for the dead, for the passionate lament for one who was loved.” (Barclay)

The weeping is for the low and needy condition of both the individual and society; but with the awareness that they are low and needy because of sin. Those who mourn actually mourn over sin and its effects.

Beloved, that is pretty intense, perhaps the Lord Jesus is saying to us, to join Him in mourning, why? It is my hypothesis, when we mourn, it moves the heart of God, Jesus was moved by compassion, God is close to the brokenhearted, what do you do when your children weep? You comfort them, you draw closer to them, you want to give them the desire of their heart, within reason of course. What if our mourning for our loved ones, is the position the Lord intends for us to have towards the entire people, HIS PEOPLE, HIS creation, not ONLY our children specifically, but all HIS CHILDREN.

If…Did you know the word “If” is mentioned in scripture more than ANY other word, including His Name” If, it is all contingent, in a way, on that if, IF we love God, we will keep His commands, yes? Anyway, bunny trail.

Anyway, God loves His creation, and He wants that NONE shall perish, but have life eternal, God is moved by our tears, it’s in scripture beloved, so allow yourself, to feel the sorrow of these matters, and watch it move the heart of the Father, not in a manipulative way, but out of love for the Father, I want Him to receive all the glory for His suffering, the reward is us! I want Him to have all His babies with Him.

If I love God, than my heart will want what He wants, He wants His children, He wants a full table at the wedding feast of the Lamb. My natural response will be, then I will love people, because my heart loving God, will be asking What is the desire of HIS heart, and not my own. When God says I will give you the desire of your heart, that can go both ways.

Do not be depressed that your child is far from the Lord, but stand on His promises, there are over 8,000 of them in scripture, God spoke the world into being, speak the truth over your children, scripture says, His word cannot come back void beloved, that means the word you speak (Good and bad) watch it, have an assignment on them, as if to say, what you say, leaves your mouth, and looks to accomplish what you said. There is life and death in the tongue. Proverb 18:21

Do not be afraid to feel godly sorrow, allow yourself time, often, to be brought to your knees and cry out to the Lord, ask Him, weary Him, but also, remind Him of His word, and speak those things that are not, as though they were, Hebrews something. LOL. You’ll get use to me.

You shall be comforted” there you go, you’ll be comforted, and I will be comforted, because God is going to respond to His word! He is obligated to Himself, to hold true to His word. Scripture says, it is HIS name, HIS reputation at stake, not ours, He has more a vested interest in seeing it happen that ANYONE ELSE. I hope this helps. If there is something you wish I address, or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out. If you wish to help me in the work of the ministry, it would be appreciated.


Bless you.

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