This is an encouragement for you that I have posted on Facebook that God was working a miracle at the Capitol during the vote last week:

I went to the Capitol last Friday with my dear sister, Beth Beebe. It was very chaotic outside the chamber! There were Christians praying and singing and the other side was chanting and saying like high school cheers trying to drown out the songs of those singing Amazing Grace and hymns.

I looked around and asked God how can I show love in this situation. God gave me that opportunity.
I said “Hi! How are you doing?” to someone who was there in support of abortion and transgenders. She said, “I would be doing wonderful if I could stand on my leg! I have to lean against this wall to support me since my knee is so weak.” I asked if I could pray for her because I would love to. (I truly love to pray for the sick! If I see someone limping, or with a sling or brace, I will chase them down to ask if I can pray for them!) She said no because she is a humanist and had a Buddha and Zen counselor and doesn’t believe in my God. I thanked her for being kind to me and she asked, “Well what did Jesus say was the greatest commandment?” ”Actually the first and greatest commandment Jesus said is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. The second is to love your neighbor as yourself.” Well, she said I could pray for her if it made me happy. I decided not to since she didn’t even have a weak yes. I am not doing it just to make me happy! But I told her if she changed her mind and had even a small seed of faith as big as a small mustard seed she could call out to the Lord and she would be saved and could be healed. She said no. Then God stepped in to back me up!

A guy walked up and dropped something on the other side of me and said he could not pick it up. I picked it up and asked why he couldn’t. He said, “It’s my knee! It is locked up and really hurts!” That is amazing! 2 hurt knees right next to each other! I told him I would love to pray for his knee and asked him if I could and he said he would really appreciate that! So I laid my hand on his knee and prayed something like this,”Lord, in this chaotic scene, show up with your love and power and heal this knee! In Jesus name! Amen!” When I got done I saw him bending his knee back and forth and he was exclaiming, “I am not joking here! As soon as you prayed my pain went away in my knee and I can move it without pain and I couldn’t do that before. You healed me!””No! I laughed! I didn’t heal you but you were healed in the Name of Jesus! Hey! Would you go and tell that woman next to us what happened? She wouldn’t let me pray for her knee!” He said, “Yes!” and walked right over to tell her that God had healed his knee! She still would not believe it could happen to her because hers was bone on bone. But I am praying for her that God who did a miracle right in front of her would believe and ask Jesus to heal her knee.
This really encouraged me! On a very chaotic day at the Capitol, God showed up and showed He still wants to love on the LGBTQ and heal them!

Please feel free to pass this on to those who may need encouragement of our representatives/senators or anyone who prays!

Thank you for all you do to activate the church to pray for our legislators! May God strengthen and encourage you!

Joyfully yours,

+Val Eliason

P.S. I have a True Love outreach with Firebase Movement and Agape First Ministries to gay bars and to gay events and I have seen God work right there!