I was reading in Judges 10 this A.M. Israel had prostituted herself to other gods again, Israel cried out and God said, the heck with you Luca translation. He said I will deliver you no more.”ouch! Then down in verse 16 something amazing happens.

Judges 10:16 “Then they removed the foreign gods from among them, and worshiped Adonai. So His soul could not bear the misery of Israel.”

What the heck?! Unpack that one if you will.His SOUL??? HE was moved by the cries of their heart!!!

Repentance is a POWERFUL WEAPON, it’s not just lip service, it takes action, they removed the foreign gods….And, worshipped Him. God was moved, from their position of DESPERATION!! MY LORD 

What if repentance isn’t just feeling remorse in your heart, what if it looks more like how Jesus lived His life. We know repentance in Greek is Metaneo (proounced Met-an-o-eh-o) which IS A VERB!!! and means to change the inner man- particularly with refrence to acceptance of the will of God-REPENT

Helpful word studies # 3340 and 3326 “Meta” changed after being with! or # 3359 Noieo think differently after changing mind. Those are a few concordance refrences.

So back to the scripture, it said, “So  His soul could not bear the misery of Israel” WHat does that sound like to you? It sounds like Israel hit that spot again, where they felt all good and comfy again “Yeah God I got this now” mmm hmmm, alright, let me know how that works out saith the Lord. LOL

How many times we been there? Are we there right now as a nation? All the nations? Perhaps it’s in the suffering scripture talks about that gets our hearts to cry out to the Lord, perhaps desperation is a good place to be? Do I want to? No, it terrifies me a bit to think of, and, I know that seems to be a place where God shows Himself glorious. 

The part that gets me in that scriptre is it says “His soul could not bare” His soul? GOD HAS A SOUL? How many times in scripture do we read “Jesus was moved by compassion”? Many to tell you the truth, He responds compassionately, when He sees people in need, and I don’t mean in need like “I need a Snickers” although now that i mention it, I think I do need one. LOL

The needs of humanity, we NEED God, and needing Him keeps us connected to the vine, and we are His branches.

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