I want to give my whole-heart endorsement for Daren Mehl as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth of the matter here, Daren is a minister of the gospel and has great leadership qualities of networking and courageously defending the truth of Biblical Orthodox worldview on human sexuality. I really appreciate Daren and his wife Rhoda for their constant support of our ministry and the hope for the sexually and relationally broken, wounded and sinful. So very grateful!

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Janet Boynes

It is with enthusiastic pleasure that I endorse Daren Mehl for ministry. I have known Daren Mehl to be an inspirational minister who boldly shares the gospel through the power of Jesus.

He shares his testimony, the truth of the Word, and cultural influences in the darkest places where many fear to share the gospel, but where so many need to hear the truth. Having lived as a gay identified man for many years, Jesus has turned his life around, revealing a true man of God. Daren’s life is a powerful testament to the work Jesus can do in our lives to set the captives free and restore the true identity of God’s original intent. Now a husband and father, I am encouraged as I see him passionately sharing Jesus with those who are eager to hear the truth of a Savior who saves and a Lord who restores. His sharp discernment of the cultural issues and his depth of wisdom and ability to deliver biblical truth, honed by a demonstrated humble love for God and people, will serve many well as he ministers to them.

Daren operates in compassion without compromise as he teaches and counsels many different audiences ranging from pastors, lay leaders, individuals struggling with same sex attractions or gender confusion, and groups of parents or family members of GLBT identified individuals. As a national Christian speaker, I’ve seen first-hand how his advocacy for the gospel truth has influenced cities, states, and recently even the United Nations as he tackles some of the hardest cultural questions of our day around human sexuality, identity, and religious freedom. Daren has received what the Lord has done in him and now speaks a powerful message of grace and truth that Jesus can bring life, freedom, and restoration to any person.

Again, I highly recommend Daren as a minister of the Gospel.

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