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Crosswalks are essential for pedestrians to safely navigate the chaos of a busy intersection. They provide a safe route to follow through a potentially dangerous situation. Similarly, when we keep our eyes on Christ and the cross, and walk in his word, we are given a clear, narrow path to guide us through life. Join us on “crosswalk” here on AM 980 The Mission.


Daren Mehl, President of Voice of the Voiceless, and Associate Director of Agape First Ministries, is interviewed by Lee Michaels of Crosswalk on AM 980 The Mission. On 4/25 Daren shares his testimony of coming out of a gay Christian lifestyle to live faithfully in marriage with his wife Rhoda. On 5/25 the follow up discussion covers the four major doctrines around the LGBTQ issue and Daren speaks of freedom in Christ, the testimony of how Jesus set him free from same sex desires.


4/25/2022 Episode #560 - Daren Mehl Testimony

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5/25/2022 Episode #582 - Daren Mehl LGBT Doctrines

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Differing views on LGBTQ

Open Letter to Chipotle

In “honor” of Pride Month, here is an article I posted on RealDarkNews.com last year during Pride Month.


I received an email from my local Chipotle Mexican Grill on June 12 advertising an upcoming event at the Lakeville, MN location. The event was a “Drag Lunch” featuring drag queens Trixie Mattel, Kim Chi, and Gottmik. The entertainers will come dressed in “Chipotle-fied looks” and perform stand-up comedy sets. Proceeds from every lunch sold will be donated to the charity of each performer’s choice: GLAAD, Trans Lifeline, and The Human Rights Campaign. Each charity can raise a maximum of $15K a piece, with the “winner” receiving an additional $10K in prize money. What follows is my open letter to Chipotle.


Dear Chipotle,

Chipotle should be commended for its dedication to a zero-tolerance discrimination policy. As a person with a deformed face, I can attest, this ethos is much needed, and greatly appreciated. With that said, there is a vast sea of difference between protecting the rights of your LGBTQIA+ employees and foisting the agenda of the LGBTQIA+ community upon an otherwise incurious community.

I understand that being recognized as a pro-gay business is en vogue. I also understand that it is extremely lucrative. Chad Kempe, the man behind Flip Phone Events raised a whopping $88K in one afternoon during a Drag Brunch at Union Rooftop restaurant in Minneapolis.

But cashflow aside, are we really “supporting and empowering” LGBTQIA+ individuals when we provide these types of public platforms? Think about it. We are inviting drag queens into the public square, putting them in silly “Chipotle-fied looks,” and having them entertain us while we eat. Doesn’t this sound a bit reminiscent of the old circus side shows where unfortunate deformed and disabled individuals were corralled into tents where patrons, for a small cover charge, could come in to freely point and gawk?

If you don’t want to take my “un-woke” word for it, perhaps you will listen to the words of unrepentant, loud-and-proud drag queen, Kitty Demure, who recently went on record speaking to moms saying, “I have no idea why you want drag queens to read books to your children. I have no idea. What in the hell has a drag queen ever done to make you have so much respect for them and admire them so much, other than to put on make-up and jump on the floor and writhe around and do sexual things onstage?”

I have spent the last three years working with the ex-LGBTQIA+ community (a massive multitude of individuals whose numbers have been suppressed and whose voices have been silenced because their lifestyles fly in the face of the “scientific facts” being disseminated upon the masses). Over the course of these three years, I have met some precious people…many of whom have become dear friends. They are survivors. They are overcomers. Without exception, every one of them that I have had the pleasure of getting to know has escaped and overcome pasts that the average human being could never imagine. Sexual abuse, rejection, abandonment, toxic shame, and trauma. Without exception, these individuals speak about a rock star lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, substance and sex addiction—a constant attempt to cover up and compensate the constant feelings of abandonment, abasement, and abuse.

Is it “loving” to ignore the deep-seeded pain, sorrow, loss, abuse, and trauma of fellow human beings? Should we sweep this level of hurt under the carpet and encourage these individuals to remain as is? And for what—our entertainment? Rather than befriending these individuals and getting to know their heart, we settle for inviting them to rooftops, burrito joints, and public libraries where, for a small cover charge, we can gawk at them like they are nothing more than soulless, circus freaks.

This is why, despite Chipotle being my all-time favorite restaurant, one that I frequent multiple times a month (sometimes twice a week!) I can no longer support Chipotle. As of June 12, I will not be returning to a Chipotle restaurant; because the wholeness, health, and wellbeing of fellow human beings is of more value to me than an overpriced cup of guacamole (even if it is best guac I’ve ever tasted).

Where will the “up to $55K” raised at this (and forthcoming) “drag lunches” go? It will go towards organizations that are striving to unwittingly keep LGBTQIA+ individuals in a perpetual unhealed state of trauma and toxic shame, and rather than empowering these individuals, these organizations will blindly keep them forever relegated in the public’s minds-eye to that of sideshow attractions that exist for the sole purpose of satiating our unquenchable quest for entertainment.

Politics, proclivities, and philosophy aside, I urge you, Chipotle, to simply stick to doing what you do best—burritos. If I want help in transforming the hearts and minds of my community, I’ll volunteer at a church or a rec center. When I walk into a Chipotle, I want lunch—not a lecture.

With utmost sincerity,

Vicki Joy Anderson


Quiet Oneself

It is important to quiet oneself and sit with the Lord until the triggers calm down. Being in the presence of God with an open heart settles so many things.

Nate Oyloe, Agape First Ministries

Corner Fringe Ministries & Agape First Ministries Episode 2

Join Kraig, Nate, Luca, and Mike as they continue the discussion regarding Sexualities war with the image of God.

Tonight we will answer some challenging questions:

Is the perception reality?

How/why do hurting people hurt people?

How does God define love in His Word?

What happens when….?

Do you have questions that we can answer on June 30th? Contact us at [email protected]

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Episode 3 – Making Jesus Famous

Agape First Podcast host Daren Mehl is joined by Nate Oyle and Luca Groppoli. All formerly identifying as gay, Jesus set them free and they are now full of joy and life abundantly. They talk about how awesome Jesus is as they make His name famous. #JesusTransforms #AgapeFirst #FreedomUnited #AgapeFirstMinistries #MakeJesusFamous
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Hope for Fatherhood

For this Father’s day, I have a message for some of the guys out there who identify as gay.

If you are living as a gay man and once had a hope of being married to a woman and having kids and living the best life but you had to give it up when you came out as gay, I want you to know there is still hope in Jesus Christ! Please stick with me through the rest of this article.

I was there once, like you are, living as a gay man. I too also had believed there was no chance of being married to a woman and having kids so. Once I believed it was never going to happen it became much easier to come out as gay and so I sought love in men. I wasn’t fulfilled to the dreams I once had, but I at least had someone to do life with. Or so I thought.

By God’s grace I was convicted that I was not living in God’s will for me, yet I didn’t know what to do to find His will, to do what was pleasing to God. I felt a conviction the whole time I was in a gay relationship. Can you relate? There’s that tickle of truth shoved way down to your toes, a very soft voice in your ear reminding you God wants you to repent. The prick of truth knowing the messy, often hurtful, humiliating act of sodomy is not the best for you?

That’s where I was. I clung to my boyfriend because I wanted to know and love SOMEONE. I wanted to be known and loved by SOMEONE. I had a great capacity for intimacy and wanted to engage it. The desire for intimacy burned inside. Does this feel similar?

I willingly exchanged the hope of intimacy with a woman, something that seemed as unlikely as the dead rising from the grave, for what I felt was a consolation, a last ditch effort to find love, I turned to men. I found men, unlike women, wanted me and showed interest in me. And since so many people said I was gay, I decided that was who I was to be.

But God showed himself to be true, and faithful, and loving. He brought me to a place where He gave me hope once again, that maybe, just maybe, God didn’t want me to live as a gay man and He had something else for me. With the faith of a mustard seed, I prayed that God would reveal his will to me, that if I was not supposed to live as a gay man, that He would make it happen that my boyfriend would break up with me. You see, there wasn’t ANY chance I wanted to break off an intimate relationship. I put out this fleece to see if God would answer. He did. The next day after that prayer my boyfriend broke up with me! I had also prayed that if God didn’t want me to live as gay, that He would make it possible for me to marry the most unlikely diamond of a woman, Rhoda, who knew I was gay and dating a guy I had once dated!

I found out that God was able to forgive a humble man who has a broken and contrite heart before Him. He worked to restore what was stolen from me. I ended up getting married to Rhoda, even when I was still gay identified, on the belief that God was true and would work out the specifics. And by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, I found God is a miracle worker! He raised what was dead in my life and brought me to life again.

Now I’m transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. I’m no longer desiring men for sodomy as a means of intimacy. God has given me intimacy with Him, my Father, through reconciliation power of Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I have intimacy with my wife unlike I could have ever experienced or hoped for in a gay relationship. I also have the intimacy with brothers in the faith who are able to connect deeply in brotherhood – something I all the time had the capacity for but didn’t have the knowledge of what Christ brings between men for strong relationships.

Please let me pray with you and share with you the power of Jesus to bring abundant life to you, a hope for a future that you had dreamed of long ago. It may seem impossible, but with God, all things are possible. He brought me out of the gay life and into His life 17 years ago. It began with humility, an act of repentance, and a prayer of faith, a confession of trust. And He is so gentle, faithful, and true to respond in love. A great God who isn’t going to give us a rock when we ask for bread. But life abundantly, in this and the next. A joy that goes beyond understanding, a peace that gives us rest, and a hope for a tomorrow.

Being a father has been the most wonderful gift I could have asked for from the Lord. He is a miracle worker. He completes the work He starts in us. He does wash us clean, he DOES give us a new heart and a new mind. He DOES transform and change us into the men God wills for us to be. Fruitful and life abundant in Him!

On this Father’s day, please exhange the sorrow you feel for the dream lost for a hope that doesn’t disappoint, and put your trust in Jesus. Lets pray together and seek Jesus who restores what satan tries to steal and destroy. Let’s pray for the faith, hope, and freedom to seek Jesus and your desire for a family. Jesus is a great counselor and friend, and He is so good. Be blessed in Jesus today. May God bring you peace and fulfil your hope for fatherhood.


Daren Mehl is the Associate Director with Agape First Ministries, a self funded missionary to the lost who identify as LGBTQ. His heart is to continue to give testimony of Jesus and His wonderful working grace to bring life where there was no hope, to bring us from death to life. Jesus is better than the sweetest honey, better than the purest gold, and a better friend than anyone we can imagine. He gives good things, including the hope of a future, even to giving the gift of a spouse and children to us.
To support Daren’s work, please visit his support page to sign up for his newsletter, his prayer support team, and to help financially. Ministry is his calling and passion and he desires to continue to call the prodigals home and equip the church to reap this great harvest waiting in the LGBTQ community.