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Check out my new book now available from Barnes and Noble Press,

After Egypt: the journey to transformation.

I was told that the hardest part of my journey was the first few steps out the door. Man how I wish that were true! The journey to transformation has been a two steps forward, five steps back, daily process. It has been a lot of death in order to bring about new life. This Friday, June 14th, I will be talking about this new book and the journey the Lord has taken me on to find the abundant life through transformation. I hope that you will join us at 3pm on It’s Time For Agape podcast to learn about how to get this book. It can be used as a personal study, a group study, and for whatever sin issue.

This is not a gay to straight journey. This is written for people who genuinely want to live for Jesus but have struggled getting up and out of the pit. Getting up and out is hard enough, but what do we do once we get there?! and more importantly, how do we keep going? I was so scared to get going on this journey because so many times I had tried and I had fallen back into the pit. I longed only to be faithful and to truly find freedom in that abundant life with my Jesus. I know that I am not the only one that has struggled getting up out of the sticky pit of lifestyle sin, and so I decided to share with others how the Lord helped me on this journey. I hope that it will be helpful to you!

I have included the link for you to purchase your book here. My friend Zya Tadych did the front cover photograph and did such a beautiful job capturing in one shot what this journey has been.

I hope that you will join us THIS Friday, June 14th at 3 pm to hear all about it!

After Egypt: The Journey to Transformation: by Zya Tadych, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Freedom United Conference

Agape Fist Ministries presents: Freedom United. We want to make the name of Jesus famous as we declare His transforming power through our worship, testimonies and teaching. This conference is for EVERYONE who desires to be encouraged in their faith and empowered to stand for the truth of the Gospel: Jesus Transforms.

8:30 AM – Registration Open
9:30 AM – Welcome! Opening Prayer
9:35 AM – Testimony – Wendy Terry
9:45 AM – The Kingdom of God and the LGBTQ Community – Nate Oyloe
10:15 AM – Break
10:30 AM – LGBTQ Doctrines – Understanding Errors of Side B Gay Christianity – Daren Mehl
11:10 AM – Testimony – Tim Shulz
11:20 AM – Ministering to Gen Z – Wendy Terry
12:00 PM – Lunch Provided
12:30 PM – The Immanuel Process – Wendi Williams
1:00 PM – Testimony – Anna Hulen
1:10 PM – The Trans Agenda and Children
1:45 PM  – Break
2:00 PM – Presentation Wendy Terry
2:35 PM – Closing Prayer

The Harm of Side B Gay Christianity – Episode 11

Agape First Ministries discusses the harms of Side B Gay Christianity to the Church. Nate and Daren call Carl Nelson (Transform MN), Jason Strand (Eaglebrook Church), Rob Ketterling (River Valley) to repent of promoting Side B gay Christianity. Episode 11 of a multi-part part series on LGBTQ doctrines.

Calling MN religious leaders to repentance.

We want to specifically address some of the leaders in Minnesota. We want to preface this by saying we’re doing this in gentleness and love. These are Godly men and they’ve had impactful ministries in our state and so we are in no way desiring to tear them down or beat them up or slander or attack their character. However, we want them to be fully equipped with the truth. We want them to be fully equipped with the truth!

This is our “open letter” so to speak and the three people that we are addressing personally are Jason Strand of Eagle Brook Church [Largest church in Minnesota], Rob Ketterling of River Valley Church [second largest church in Minnesota] and Carl Nelson of Transform Minnesota, the organization most transforming Minnesota with Side B Gay Christianity. These individuals have embraced and promoted the false doctrines and teachings of Side B Gay Christianity as taught by Preston Sprinkle, Bill Henson, Gregory Cole, Jackie Hill Perry, etc. They are large influencers teaching the body of Christ in Minnesota with a leaven that is harming the Church and our families and children.

We believe the teachings these leaders are promoting is a disservice to the greater Body of Christ in Minnesota and we see this as something that is really disempowered the Church. It is our desire to unify all of us in the church around the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Agape First Ministries speaks of this in our Freedom United conference. There we desire to unite the church around the truth that Jesus Christ has life-changing power for every person that will bow their knee, including those who are LGBT. God never says “no” to freedom from sinful desires or transformation of desires, or said another way, restoration to a Holy heterosexual design.

The predicament we are in is a very serious problem for the Church in Minnesota. It is our hope that these leaders would demonstrate repentance by going back to their congregations and tell them they were in error, started moving in the wrong direction about LGBT issues, and need to course correct and get back to the gospel message, the gospel truth of Jesus and Sanctification. Begin teaching the fullness of sanctification and transformation unto healing and restoration of how God created them and desires for them to be Holy.

As it says in Joel 2, God says to “return to Me with all of your heart, with fasting and weeping, and mourning” and “who knows, maybe God will leave a blessing instead of a curse.” That is where we are right now in Minnesota. Will we receive a blessing or a curse? Side B Gay Christianity is an accursed doctrine. Let’s return to the whole counsel of God and the hope and truth of restoration for the repentant LGBT individual.

We are at 11:59 in this issue. There is still time for us to repent and turn to the Lord and cry out to Him.

The Sowing of Side B Gay Christianity in Minnesota

We’ve seen Transform Minnesota as the largest influencer in Minnesota to the point of landing a partnership with River Valley Church in hosting a Preston Sprinkle conference at their Minneapolis campus. Transform has platformed Preston Sprinkle, Gregory Coles, Bill Henson (Posture Shift), all prominent national leaders in LGBT Side B Gay Christian doctrines. Bill Henson of Posture shift, for example, has the goal of, ” Posture Shift is writing a new church history where communities of faith and homes are safe for LGBT+ family and friends.” and taking a “missional approach on LGBT+ inclusion” in the church.

We believe that Rob Ketterling was lead astray by Transform Minnesota and Preston Sprinkle. While Side B proponents lead with “historical biblical sexual ethic” and market how they agree with the Bible that homosexual practice and marriage is sin, they bait and switch unsuspecting pastors with the false LGBT ontology. We discussed this in our LGBTQ Doctrines series.

My Name Is Luca!

I was on Two Witnesses Podcast!

Life as a transgender male for three decades until she found Christ! My name is Luca Jo Groppoli. I am a graduate of Christ For the Nations Bible College, where I was also ordained. I am Associate Director with Agape First Ministries. It is my mission to go, make disciples of the nations, to tell the world, that Jesus can, and does in fact transform people, even people like me, who lived as a transgender male for over 3 decades. Let’s make Jesus famous together, by connecting the lost to the heart of the Father.

2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner

You’re invited to our 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner! We would love to have you join us on April 20, 2024, for an evening of good food, powerful testimonies, and extravagant worship. The evening will begin with a homemade White Chicken Chili dinner followed by a program that will inspire and encourage you in your walk with the Lord. God is on the move at Agape First and we are excited to share what He is doing in our midst. The event is FREE so bring a friend!

Date and Time: April 20, 2024 from 6 to 9 pm
Where: River of Hope Church
3300 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN

The event is FREE, but we would still like you to register so we can accurately plan food.

LGBT Doctrines Part 7 – Sanctification Part 1

In this series about LGBT Doctrines (…) we’ve been reviewing different doctrines surrounding the LGBT+ ideas. We have recently been discussing Side B “Gay Christianity” (Celibate) and contrasting the common doctrines against what scripture says. Today we will be talking about sanctification, it’s intersection with holiness, righteousness, and our salvation. What is sanctification? How does it work in the repentant individual who desires to leave behind the LGBT identity and lifestyle? Does God transform hearts and minds? To what degree? Is it just about our behaviors? Is grace there to prevent us from sinning? These and more discussed today.


Daren Mehl on Dr. J Show

January 26,2024

Thank you to Dr. J and The Dr. J Show for having me on to discuss my testimony and how we are regularly persecuted for simply existing. Rhoda laughed out loud when she heard Dr. J call me a unicorn. Yup, I’m Rhoda’s unicorn! (Rhoda’s life is all Rainbows, Unicorns, and butterflies!) [Watch on Locals!]

Refute the Top 5 Gay Myths With this Incredible, Free eBook: Get the full interview by joining us for exclusive, uncensored content on Locals:

Daren Mehl is the President of Voice of the Voiceless, a non-profit organization that aims to defend the rights of people who are virtually never given a voice in the public square, and — in fact — often told that they don’t exist or are lying: Former homosexuals, individuals that have unwanted same-sex attraction, and the families of these truly marginalized people. He is a former homosexual who now lives as a disciple of Jesus and has received healing through Jesus. Mehl shares his testimony of coming out of a gay Christian lifestyle to live faithfully in marriage with his wife Rhoda of 18 years. He speaks frequently about the global attack on the Christian faith via the LGBTQ agenda and how we can respond in love, truth, and speak of the power of Jesus Christ to save and transform. He is currently a pastor at the community church where he lives and is also founder of Made Free Ministries. Note: In this interview, four categories of Christians are discussed: ”Side A” “Revel: Gay Partnership.” These professing “Christians” are gay-affirming and bless homosexual unions. The general belief is that one is born gay. “Side B” ”Resist: Gay Identity.” This group includes professing Christians who identify as gay, yet admit same-sex partnerships and sex are prohibited in the eyes of God. They choose celibacy. “Side X” “Renounce: or Repentance.” This group knows identity is not found in our desires but in Jesus Christ. Our fallen nature is the primary issue of same-sex struggles. “Side Y” “Rebuild: or Transformation” Identity is found in Christ and we must repent of sin, but the focus is on intentional discipleship to more profound healing, relational wholeness, and even newfound desires.

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Calling Evil Good – Our Response to Andy Stanley

The Bible warns of a time when society will call evil good, and good evil. It seems as though we are living in such times. In this episode we will break down Andy Stanley’s recent statements regarding same-sex attractions and offer a response based on the Bible and our own experiences of finding freedom from sexual brokenness. #andystanleyheresy

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