Greetings everyone,

Well, now that I’ve had my official training on utilizing this blog site, I thought I would be brave, and do my best to write my first blog on my own. Let’s see how well it goes!! I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me, right?

I enjoy seeing God receive the glory He so deserves, scripture says and they shall overcome, by the blood of the K=Lamb, and the power of our testimony, and they loved not their lives, even onto death!!

 hat is pretty serious isn’t it?! Beloved, we are overcomers, because of the blood of Christ Jesus, as well, as when we share our testimonies, we help others overcome their struggles, I found it most helpful when I was transgender, my church introduced me to Janet Boynes who had a story so much like my own, I thought my goodness, I’m not the only one!!! What a relief to know, what I was experiencing, and my same sex REACTION was a “normal” response to an abnormal situation. Why would I not struggle in life when I was not protected and kept safe from the people who abused me, I say the life I lived I did not choose, rather, it chose me. It was an outcome to the brokenness I experienced. We all have these stories, we have all had some sort of brokenness, and when we allow the Lord to rule and reign in our lives, He cant help but bring healing, it is who He is, and it is, what He does. 

Beloved, let us share our stories with each other, even if you think you don’t have a testimony, because you think “I’ve been a Christian all my life” THATS A TESTIMONY!! How lovely and encouraging for me and others to hear you’ve known the Lord all your life, how, I’ve often wondered, how would I have turned out, had I never experience and survive what I went through?! 

Anyway, if there are things you wish to talk about, or ask about, I would love to share anything and everything with you.

May the Lord bless you.

In Christ Jesus.

Luca Jo