Bible News Radio – Stacy Harp interviews Daren Mehl

Bible News Radio host Stacy Lynn Harp interviews Daren Mehl of Voice of the Voiceless. (Also Missionary and Associate Director with Agape First Ministries.) Voice of the Voiceless is a non-profit organization whose mission is to defend the rights of people who are virtually never given a voice in the public square, and — in fact — often told that they don’t exist or are lying: Former homosexuals, individuals that have unwanted same-sex attraction, and the families of these truly marginalized people.

Daren Mehl interviewed by Lee Michaels on Crosswalk, AM 980 The Mission

Crosswalks are essential for pedestrians to safely navigate the chaos of a busy intersection. They provide a safe route to follow through a potentially dangerous situation. Similarly, when we keep our eyes on Christ and the cross, and walk in his word, we are given a clear, narrow path to guide us through life. Join us on “crosswalk” here on AM 980 The Mission.


Daren Mehl, President of Voice of the Voiceless, and Associate Director of Agape First Ministries, is interviewed by Lee Michaels of Crosswalk on AM 980 The Mission. On 4/25 Daren shares his testimony of coming out of a gay Christian lifestyle to live faithfully in marriage with his wife Rhoda. On 5/25 the follow up discussion covers the four major doctrines around the LGBTQ issue and Daren speaks of freedom in Christ, the testimony of how Jesus set him free from same sex desires.


4/25/2022 Episode #560 - Daren Mehl Testimony

by Crosswalk - Lee Michaels - AM 980 The Mission | Crosswalk

5/25/2022 Episode #582 - Daren Mehl LGBT Doctrines

by Crosswalk - Lee Michaels - AM 980 The MIssion | Crosswalk

Differing views on LGBTQ

Conversations That Matter Podcast: Responding to Christian Homosexuality Part 1

Thank you to Jon Harris at Conversations That Matter podcast, from, for the interview.

There’s a lot of talk in Christian circles today about whether or not same-sex attraction is sinful. Daren Mehl answers some questions about whether homosexuality is an orientation, if Christians are delivered from it, and what Churches should do in responding to the LGBTQI+ agenda.

Links: << “4 Columns” doctrines intersection of LGBTQ and Christianity  << Ministry to Churches, Families, Individuals << Education & Advocacy for former LGBTQ, Families, and churches around this issue << Some tidbits I’ve written from my journey out of homosexuality, my daily prayers, covenant with my eyes, books I’ve read, testimonies, etc

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Reverend Daren Speaks at School Board Meeting Upholding The Biblical Dignity of Children

Originally appearing in Tennessee Star

Associate Director Reverend Daren Mehl spoke at his local school district upholding the dignity of the children in light of the ‘transgender’ policy the school would pass. Daren spoke of the fact God has made them male and female, and it is harmful to tell kids they might be the other sex. Daren mentioned that the children are not spirits separate of their bodies such that they might have the wrong body and need to be treated differently. They were created by God intentionally as male or female and manipulating children with the transgender religious beliefs is confusing and harmful to them.

Daren Mehl, a father of two Osseo students and a former member of the LGBTQ community, explained in an interview with The Sun why he spoke out against the policy at the school board meeting.

“My motivation was to share my heart for children, which as a Christian, I believe is God’s heart for children, which is that God created us male and female,” Mehl said. “And to know that you were created with value. Instead of valuing the children for who they are, the policy will be teaching children that boys can be girls and girls can be boys.”

Mehl is the president of Voice of the Voiceless, an organization that works to help those who struggle with same-sex attraction. According to the Voice of the Voiceless website, they exist to “defend the rights of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, and their families.”

Mehl said that, as someone who formerly belonged to the LBGTQ community, the mentality behind the policy can actually create depression and suicidal thoughts.

He said, “How horrible is it to think that your body is your enemy.” He also took issue with a specific statement within the policy, requiring the school to designate a “safe staff member.” Mehl said that the statement implies that all of the staff are not safe. While some board and audience members took issue with Mehl’s public comments regarding religion, he responded, “The definitions of the policy are, in a way, religious doctrines, just godless ones.”