A review of LGBTQ Doctrines

A Time for Agape Playlist – LGBT Doctrines (multi-show)

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Episode 1 Starting Out – Our Beliefs and Language

Episode 2 Understanding Doctrines

Episode 3 Side B Part 1

Episode 4 Side B Part 2

Episode 5 Side B Part 3

Episode 6 Side B Part 4

Episode 7 – Sanctification

Episode 8 – Transformation Part 1

Episode 9 – Guest Andrew Rodriguez (PsycoBible) – Exposing “Conversion Therapy” myths

Episode 10 – Moving towards love

Episode 11 – The Devasting Impact of Side B Gay Christianity – Calling MN Leaders to Repent

Differing Views – 4 Columns of LGBT Doctrines (PDF)

The document was created by Portland Fellowship and is a very useful discussion guide to quickly explain the doctrines found in the LGBTQ space.

Agape First Ministries has a breakout session as part of Freedom United to go into this in depth.

This is a useful reference and teaching aid, the four columns document helps us quickly reflect on the main doctrines around LGBTQ issues. Side A/Side B Progressive Gay Christianity? Resist temptation for life, or heart and mind transformation? Is there change of desire in Jesus resulting in no more desire for sodomy? Yes, Jesus Transforms.