The Ark Presents: Jolene Feist – Overcoming Fear

Jolene Feist is a Jesus follower, a wife and mother of three toddler boys. Despite growing up in a Christian home, Jolene walked away from the Lord at the age of nineteen. She was a prodigal for ten years, living in the bondage of sexual sin. Then at the age of twenty-nine, she had a radical encounter with Jesus, was born again and set free from sexual sin! Jolene hosts a podcast called, Kingdom Mama and is the author of a new Christian Children’s book Bye-bye Fear! God is Here! Drawing from her own experience of struggling with fear and the Lord’s powerful deliverance of her heart, Jolene is an encouragement and an example to all who desire wholeness in Christ.

The Ark: Avoiding the Landmines while Ministering to LGBTQ

Hi! This is Val Eliason inviting you to watch this video on How to share the Gospel to the LGBT without stepping on a landmine! You know what qualifies me? I have a son that came out gay 15 years ago and you know I love my son! But other than walking beside him for 31 years, I have 9 years of experiences with True Love Outreach where I go to where the LGBTQ are and show love and seek to share Christ with them. I have stepped on many landmines and blown up! So I hope you can learn from me and not make the same mistakes I have!

Keynote Address – Vision 2022

Executive Director Nate Oyloe shares his keynote message about Agape First Ministries vision for 2022 and beyond. A new wine skin of ministry, with the goal of making Jesus Famous through discipling the nations about His transforming power! Nate shares the truth that God still does miracles of transformation.

Freedom United: Joy of Transformation

I presented this message at Freedom United: Jesus Transforms conference Friday October 8 at Plymouth Covenant Church. It was a message that had been growing in my heart as I’ve been seeking the Lord and praying about the times we are in and His heart as revealed in scriptures.

Freedom United: Joy of Transformation

by Pastor Nate Oyloe | Freedom United Conference Oct 8, 2021