Episode 1 – Introductions

Agape First Ministries presents AGAPE FIRST PODCAST, with Nate, Daren, and Luca discuss the ministry and the hope we have in Jesus Christ for transformation.

Nate, Daren, and Luca give brief introductions and discuss some of the hallmarks of Agape First Ministries, including a testimony.

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Help! I have a Prodigal. By Judy Slegh

Experience the power of processing memories and regrets through healing prayer.

Discover God’s heart about your situation.

Speak and move your mountain.

Gain freedom to hope again.


Rev Daren Mehl – The War on Transformation Testimony – Freedom United

Reverend Daren Mehl shares his testimony and the war that was going on inside him and outside him to destroy the promises and will of God in his life. Daren shares the power of Jesus to save and restore him from a life in homosexuality to one of life married to his wife. Daren shares of overcoming the battle through faith in Jesus Christ. Daren also discusses the religious war that is around us that is trying to make the testimony of Jesus illegal. The present darkness which is lying and robbing people of hope in Christ cannot stand after Daren shares the power of Jesus to transform.

Lazarus – Come Out!

Rev. Daren Mehl shares a message about loving people coming out of LGBTQ. Jesus calls them out of the tomb, and we get to participate and obey Jesus by removing the death cloths and washing the person and helping to disciple them in the body of believers. And yet, some will see what Jesus did, and what we are doing, and go to the Pharisees. But don’t mind them.

Reverend Daren Mehl is Associate Director of Agape First Ministries. He is a missionary in the United States working to make the name of Jesus famous, to disciple the nations in the transformative power of Jesus. To support Daren, please visit his page at https://www.agapefirstministries.org/darenmehl