Media Information

Audio or video recording and any form of media interview are not permitted unless expressly pre-approved and in the manner approved in writing by the Agape First Ministries. Under no circumstances shall attendees be solicited for interviews prior to, during, or after the conference.

To request permission for interviews, contact daren @

However, individual registrants (non-media) attending the conference are permitted to record portions of the conference (on the stage or workshop teachings) for their own non-commercial purposes. You may share pictures from the conference or brief recordings if you are recording only those on the stage or the teaching at the podium.

If you (individual attendees, non-media persons) take pictures with anyone else, you must be expressly granted permission by those in the pictures to post any pictures or recordings before doing so. We take your privacy very seriously.

Failure to abide by this media Code of Conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal from the conference. Persons asked to leave for violation of the Media Code of Conduct will not be eligible for refunds. Commercial use of media is prohibited unless previously approved in writing by the Agape First Ministries and may result in civil or criminal penalties governed by laws of the State of Minnesota. Attendance at any Agape First Ministries event is an agreement to these policies.

Conference Agreement

Agape First Ministries requires that all participants at the Freedom United Conference adhere to the following standard
of conduct. Please review the Policies and Code of Conduct below and signify your understanding and
acceptance by completing your registration for the conference.

If you are registering someone else, registration also implies the individual’s (individuals’) assent to abide by these policies.

Code of Conduct

Agape First Ministries requires that all participants at an Agape First Ministries conference adhere to standards of conduct
in keeping with Christian professional standards. This includes abstaining from all forms of immoral behavior.
It is expected that all participants attending the conference will either agree with Agape First Ministries
statements of faith or will be respectful while finding out more about the beliefs and practices of Agape First Ministries.

Disruption of the conference in any form is not acceptable, including but not limited to: interrupting
conference presenters or activities; distributing literature or materials; audio or video recording by media
persons at the conference that have not been pre-approved by the Agape First Ministries;
campaigning for alternative religions, philosophical or political views; on-site demonstrations; seeking sexual
contacts; harassing others; using alcohol or narcotics; or sharing registration with other persons.
Failure to abide by this code of conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal from the conference.

Persons asked to leave for violation of the Code of Conduct will not be eligible for refunds.

Agape First Ministries reserves the right to refuse any individual their registration, or to remove an individual
from the conference. This is especially so if there is reasonable cause to believe that he or she may endanger
themselves or others by attending or has endangered themselves or others in attendance. Persons removed
from the conference under these circumstances will not be eligible for refunds.

Minors Under 18

Individuals under 18 are allowed when accompanied by parent or guardian. No counseling will be provided for

Policy Agreement/Liability Release

“I understand and acknowledge that Agape First Ministries holds to a traditional, biblically-based view of scripture affirming heterosexuality as God’s created intent, and that this viewpoint will influence—and be expressed throughout. I further understand that the subject matter at the Agape First Ministries event deals with sensitive topics and opinions which may or may not align with my worldview, and which also may touch on emotional or spiritual issues that are critical to me and thus may be unsettling. I voluntarily and personally assume responsibility for my participation in any and all aspects of the conference, and I release Agape First Ministries, its board, staff, missionaries, speakers, attendees, members, and any other teachers or contributors from any claims whatsoever for damages alleged as a direct or indirect result of participation in this conference.”

By registering or participating, I signify my understanding and agreement to abide by the code of conduct and agree to liability waiver.

Agreement to join Newsletter Mailing Lists

Every participant will be added to all Agape First Ministries newsletter mailing lists. Participant can unsubscribe at any time.